Quinlan Maggio is an artist, tech worker, and recent MFA graduate of Hunter College in New York. Quinlan writes and makes videos and installations informed by a constant ongoing practice of performance. Quinlan has exhibited at 205 Hudson Gallery, fort gondo compound for the arts, and the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

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Performance at Hunter College

May 17, 2019

skillshare (Design 101) is a performance that came out of an exchange of design lessons for dance lessons.

Two people put their skills together in a non-monetary exchange in the hopes of making a career transition, one from chef to office worker and the other from office worker to artist/performer.  

I can offer tutoring and curriculum for one or more design courses, and in exchange I'm looking for someone to help me with this office 'chair dance,' which is loosely based around a series of Design terms. I think I want to be the one performing it, so in practice I would need help developing the choreo and coaching me (non-dancer) through the moves.